Interface MVCCEntry

All Superinterfaces:
CacheEntry, Map.Entry<Object,Object>
All Known Implementing Classes:
NullMarkerEntry, NullMarkerEntryForRemoval, ReadCommittedEntry, RepeatableReadEntry

public interface MVCCEntry
extends CacheEntry

An entry that can be safely copied when updates are made, to provide MVCC semantics

Manik Surtani

Method Summary
 void copyForUpdate(DataContainer container, boolean writeSkewCheck)
          Makes internal copies of the entry for updates
 void setLockPlaceholder(boolean placeholder)
          Marks an entry as a lock placeholder
Methods inherited from interface org.infinispan.container.entries.CacheEntry
commit, getKey, getLifespan, getMaxIdle, getValue, isChanged, isCreated, isEvicted, isLockPlaceholder, isNull, isRemoved, isValid, rollback, setCreated, setEvicted, setLifespan, setMaxIdle, setRemoved, setValid, setValue
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Map.Entry
equals, hashCode

Method Detail


void copyForUpdate(DataContainer container,
                   boolean writeSkewCheck)
Makes internal copies of the entry for updates

container - data container
writeSkewCheck - if true, write skews are tested for and exceptions are thrown if detected. Only applicable to IsolationLevel.REPEATABLE_READ.


void setLockPlaceholder(boolean placeholder)
Marks an entry as a lock placeholder

placeholder - if true, the entry is marked as a lock placeholder. If false, the entry is un-marked as a placeholder.


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