Package org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce

Interface Summary
Collator<KOut,VOut,R> Collator collates results from Reducers executed on Infinispan cluster and assembles a final result returned to an invoker of MapReduceTask.
Collector<K,V> OutputCollector is the intermediate key/value result data output collector given to each Mapper
Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> Implementation of a Mapper class is a component of a MapReduceTask invoked once for each input entry K,V.
Reducer<KOut,VOut> Reduces intermediate key/value results from map phase of MapReduceTask.

Class Summary
MapReduceTask<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> MapReduceTask is a distributed task allowing a large scale computation to be transparently parallelized across Infinispan cluster nodes.


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