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Packages that use Stop
org.infinispan.container Data containers which store cache entries. 
org.infinispan.distribution Classes relating to the distributed cache mode. 
org.infinispan.eviction Classes related to eviction. 
org.infinispan.jmx Helpers that allow easy exposure of attributes and operations via JMX. 
org.infinispan.loaders This package contains loaders and stores, which are used for overflow or persistence. 
org.infinispan.marshall Infinispan makes use of custom marshalling to serialize and deserialize state wherever possible, rather than falling back to the JDK to do this. 
org.infinispan.remoting Remote communication between cache instances. 
org.infinispan.remoting.transport Transports handle the low-level networking, used by the remoting components. 

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.container

Methods in org.infinispan.container with annotations of type Stop
 void DataContainer.clear()
          Removes all entries in the container

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.distribution

Methods in org.infinispan.distribution with annotations of type Stop
 void DistributionManagerImpl.stop()

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.eviction

Methods in org.infinispan.eviction with annotations of type Stop
 void PassivationManagerImpl.passivateAll()
 void EvictionManagerImpl.stop()

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.jmx

Methods in org.infinispan.jmx with annotations of type Stop
 void CacheJmxRegistration.stop()
          Unregister when the cache is being stoped.

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.loaders

Methods in org.infinispan.loaders with annotations of type Stop
 void CacheLoaderManagerImpl.stop()

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.marshall

Methods in org.infinispan.marshall with annotations of type Stop
 void VersionAwareMarshaller.stop()

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.remoting

Methods in org.infinispan.remoting with annotations of type Stop
 void ReplicationQueueImpl.stop()
          Stops the asynchronous flush queue.
 void InboundInvocationHandlerImpl.stop()

Uses of Stop in org.infinispan.remoting.transport

Methods in org.infinispan.remoting.transport with annotations of type Stop
 void Transport.stop()


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