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Packages that use SurvivesRestarts
org.infinispan This is the core of Infinispan, a distributed, transactional, highly scalable data grid platform. 
org.infinispan.config Cache configuration beans and parsers. 
org.infinispan.context Contexts contain information of a specific invocation on the cache, such as its origins, scope (transactional or non-transactional), as well as invocation-specific flags. 
org.infinispan.factories Factories are internal components used to create other components based on a cache's configuration. 
org.infinispan.jmx Helpers that allow easy exposure of attributes and operations via JMX. 
org.infinispan.manager Cache manager package 
org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener CacheManager-specific notifications and eventing. 

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan

Classes in org.infinispan with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 class CacheImpl<K,V>

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.config

Classes in org.infinispan.config with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 class Configuration
          Encapsulates the configuration of a Cache.
 class GlobalConfiguration
          Configuration component that encapsulates the global configuration.

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.context

Classes in org.infinispan.context with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 interface InvocationContextContainer
          Manages the association between an InvocationContext and the calling thread.

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.factories

Classes in org.infinispan.factories with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 class AbstractComponentRegistry
          A registry where components which have been created are stored.
 class BootstrapFactory
          Factory for setting up bootstrap components
 class GlobalComponentRegistry
          A global component registry where shared components are stored.

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.jmx

Classes in org.infinispan.jmx with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 class CacheJmxRegistration
          If Configuration.isExposeJmxStatistics() is true, then class will register all the MBeans from cache local's ConfigurationRegistry to the MBean server.
 class CacheManagerJmxRegistration
          Registers all the components from global component registry to the mbean server.

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.manager

Classes in org.infinispan.manager with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 class DefaultCacheManager
          A CacheManager is the primary mechanism for retrieving a Cache instance, and is often used as a starting point to using the Cache.
 interface EmbeddedCacheManager
          EmbeddedCacheManager is an CacheManager that runs in the same JVM as the client.

Uses of SurvivesRestarts in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener

Classes in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener with annotations of type SurvivesRestarts
 interface CacheManagerNotifier
          Notifications for the cache manager


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