Uses of Class

Packages that use Scope
org.infinispan.commands Commands that operate on the cache, either locally or remotely. 
org.infinispan.config Cache configuration beans and parsers. 
org.infinispan.container Data containers which store cache entries. 
org.infinispan.context Contexts contain information of a specific invocation on the cache, such as its origins, scope (transactional or non-transactional), as well as invocation-specific flags. 
org.infinispan.distribution Classes relating to the distributed cache mode. 
org.infinispan.eviction Classes related to eviction. 
org.infinispan.factories Factories are internal components used to create other components based on a cache's configuration. 
org.infinispan.interceptors Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. 
org.infinispan.interceptors.base Base interceptors containing common, reusable behavior. 
org.infinispan.manager Cache manager package 
org.infinispan.marshall Infinispan makes use of custom marshalling to serialize and deserialize state wherever possible, rather than falling back to the JDK to do this. 
org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener Cache-specific notifications and eventing. 
org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener CacheManager-specific notifications and eventing. 
org.infinispan.remoting Remote communication between cache instances. 
org.infinispan.remoting.responses Abstractions of the different response types allowed during RPC. 
org.infinispan.remoting.transport Transports handle the low-level networking, used by the remoting components. 
org.infinispan.statetransfer Transfer of state to new caches in a cluster. 

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.commands

Classes in org.infinispan.commands with annotations of type Scope
 interface CommandsFactory
          A factory to build commands, initializing and injecting dependencies accordingly.
 class RemoteCommandsFactory
          Specifically used to create un-initialized ReplicableCommands from a byte stream.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.commands.module

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.module with annotations of type Scope
 interface ModuleCommandFactory
          Modules which wish to implement their own commands and visitors must also provide an implementation of this interface and declare it in their file under key infinispan.module.command.factory.
 interface ModuleCommandInitializer
          Modules which wish to implement their own commands and visitors must also provide an implementation of this interface and declare it in their file under key infinispan.module.command.initializer.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.config

Classes in org.infinispan.config with annotations of type Scope
 class AbstractConfigurationBean
          Base superclass of Cache configuration classes that expose some properties that can be changed after the cache is started.
 class AbstractNamedCacheConfigurationBean
          Adds named cache specific features to the AbstractConfigurationBean .
 class GlobalConfiguration
          Configuration component that encapsulates the global configuration.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.container

Classes in org.infinispan.container with annotations of type Scope
 interface DataContainer
          The main internal data structure which stores entries

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.context

Classes in org.infinispan.context with annotations of type Scope
 interface InvocationContextContainer
          Manages the association between an InvocationContext and the calling thread.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.distribution

Classes in org.infinispan.distribution with annotations of type Scope
 interface DistributionManager
          A component that manages the distribution of elements across a cache cluster
 interface L1Manager
          Manages the L1 Cache, in particular recording anyone who is going to cache an a command that a node responds to so that a unicast invalidation can be sent later if needed.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.eviction

Classes in org.infinispan.eviction with annotations of type Scope
 interface EvictionManager
          Central component that deals with eviction of cache entries.
 interface PassivationManager
          A passivation manager

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.factories

Classes in org.infinispan.factories with annotations of type Scope
 class AbstractComponentFactory
          Factory that creates components used internally within Infinispan, and also wires dependencies into the components.
 class AbstractComponentRegistry
          A registry where components which have been created are stored.
 class AbstractNamedCacheComponentFactory
          A component factory for creating components scoped per-cache.
 class EmptyConstructorFactory
          Factory for building global-scope components which have default empty constructors
 class GlobalComponentRegistry
          A global component registry where shared components are stored.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.interceptors

Classes in org.infinispan.interceptors with annotations of type Scope
 class InterceptorChain
          Knows how to build and manage an chain of interceptors.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.interceptors.base

Classes in org.infinispan.interceptors.base with annotations of type Scope
 class CommandInterceptor
          This is the base class for all interceptors to extend, and implements the Visitor interface allowing it to intercept invocations on VisitableCommands.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.manager

Classes in org.infinispan.manager with annotations of type Scope
 class DefaultCacheManager
          A CacheManager is the primary mechanism for retrieving a Cache instance, and is often used as a starting point to using the Cache.
 interface EmbeddedCacheManager
          EmbeddedCacheManager is an CacheManager that runs in the same JVM as the client.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.marshall

Classes in org.infinispan.marshall with annotations of type Scope
 interface Marshaller
          A marshaller is a class that is able to marshall and unmarshall objects efficiently.
 interface StreamingMarshaller
          A specialization of Marshaller that supports streams.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener

Classes in org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener with annotations of type Scope
 interface CacheNotifier
          Public interface with all allowed notifications.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener

Classes in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener with annotations of type Scope
 interface CacheManagerNotifier
          Notifications for the cache manager

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.remoting

Classes in org.infinispan.remoting with annotations of type Scope
 interface InboundInvocationHandler
          A globally scoped component, that is able to locate named caches and invoke remotely originating calls on the appropriate cache.
 class InboundInvocationHandlerImpl
          Sets the cache interceptor chain on an RPCCommand before calling it to perform

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.remoting.responses

Classes in org.infinispan.remoting.responses with annotations of type Scope
 interface ResponseGenerator
          A component that generates responses as is expected by different cache setups

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.remoting.transport

Classes in org.infinispan.remoting.transport with annotations of type Scope
 interface Transport
          An interface that provides a communication link with remote caches.

Uses of Scope in org.infinispan.statetransfer

Classes in org.infinispan.statetransfer with annotations of type Scope
 interface StateTransferManager
          Handles generation and application of state on the cache


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