Interface TwoWayKey2StringMapper

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DefaultTwoWayKey2StringMapper, LuceneKey2StringMapper

public interface TwoWayKey2StringMapper
extends Key2StringMapper

Extends Key2StringMapper and allows a bidirectional transformation between keys and Strings. Note that the object instance created by getKeyMapping(String) is guaranteed to be equal to the original object used to generate the String, but not necessarily the same object reference.

The following condition should be satisfied by implementations of this interface: assert key.equals(mapper.getKeyMapping(mapper.getStringMapping(key)));

Author:, Manik Surtani

Method Summary
 Object getKeyMapping(String stringKey)
          Maps a String back to its original key
Methods inherited from interface org.infinispan.loaders.keymappers.Key2StringMapper
getStringMapping, isSupportedType

Method Detail


Object getKeyMapping(String stringKey)
Maps a String back to its original key

stringKey - string representation of a key
an object instance that is equal to the original object used to create the key mapping.


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