Package org.infinispan.lucene

Lucene Directory implementation which stores the index in Infinispan.


Interface Summary
ExternalizerIds Identifiers used by the Marshaller to delegate to specialized Externalizers.

Class Summary
ChunkCacheKey Used as a key to distinguish file chunk in cache.
FileCacheKey Used as a key for file headers in a cache
FileListCacheKey Cache key for a list with current files in cache
FileMetadata Header for Lucene files.
FileReadLockKey Lucene's index segment files are chunked, for safe deletion of elements a read lock is implemented so that all chunks are deleted only after the usage counter is decremented to zero.
InfinispanDirectory An implementation of Lucene's Directory which uses Infinispan to store Lucene indexes.
InfinispanIndexInput Responsible for reading from InfinispanDirectory
InfinispanIndexOutput Responsible for writing to a Directory
LifecycleCallbacks Module lifecycle callbacks implementation that enables module specific AdvancedExternalizer implementations to be registered.
LuceneKey2StringMapper To configure a JdbcStringBasedCacheStoreConfig for the Lucene Directory, use this Key2StringMapper implementation.
SingleChunkIndexInput SingleChunkIndexInput can be used instead of InfinispanIndexInput to read a segment when it has a size small enough to fit in a single chunk.

Package org.infinispan.lucene Description

Lucene Directory implementation which stores the index in Infinispan. For information about Apache Lucene (Java) see the Lucene homepage.


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