Package org.infinispan.spring

Spring Infinispan - Shared classes.


Class Summary
AbstractEmbeddedCacheManagerFactory An abstract base class for factories creating cache managers that are backed by an EmbeddedCacheManager.
AbstractRemoteCacheManagerFactory An abstract base class for factories creating cache manager that are backed by an Infinispan RemoteCacheManager.
ConfigurationOverrides Helper class to override select values in an Infinispan Configuration.
ConfigurationPropertiesOverrides Provides a mechanism to override selected configuration properties using explicit setters for each configuration setting.

Package org.infinispan.spring Description

Spring Infinispan - Shared classes.

This package contains classes that are shared between the two major themes underlying Spring Infinispan:

  1. Implement a provider for Spring 3.1's Cache abstraction backed by the open-source high-performance distributed cache JBoss Infinispan.

    See package org.infinispan.spring.spi.

  2. Provide implementations of Spring's FactoryBean interface for easing usage of JBoss Infinispan within the Spring programming model.

    See package


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