Package org.infinispan.cdi

This is the Infinispan CDI module.


Class Summary
AdvancedCacheProducer This class is responsible to produce the Cache and AdvancedCache.
DefaultEmbeddedCacheConfigurationProducer The default embedded cache Configuration producer.
DefaultEmbeddedCacheManagerProducer The default EmbeddedCacheManager producer.
DefaultRemoteCacheManagerProducer The default RemoteCacheManager producer.
InfinispanAnnotationProvider JCache AnnotationProvider implementation.
InfinispanExtension The Infinispan CDI extension class.
RemoteCacheProducer The RemoteCache producer.

Annotation Types Summary
ConfigureCache This annotation is used to define a cache Configuration.
OverrideDefault Deprecated. The Infinispan CDI integration module now uses the DefaultBean from Solder.
Remote Qualifier used to specify which remote cache will be injected.

Package org.infinispan.cdi Description

This is the Infinispan CDI module. This package contains the CDI extension implementation, the mechanism allowing to inject and configure an Infinispan cache. For further details see the CDI Support documentation.


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