Package org.infinispan.commands.tx

Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions.


Interface Summary
TransactionBoundaryCommand An transaction boundary command that allows the retrieval of an attached GlobalTransaction

Class Summary
AbstractTransactionBoundaryCommand An abstract transaction boundary command that holds a reference to a GlobalTransaction
CommitCommand Command corresponding to the 2nd phase of 2PC.
PrepareCommand Command corresponding to the 1st phase of 2PC.
RollbackCommand Command corresponding to a transaction rollback.
VersionedCommitCommand The same as a CommitCommand except that version information is also carried by this command, used by optimistically transactional caches making use of write skew checking when using IsolationLevel.REPEATABLE_READ.
VersionedPrepareCommand Same as PrepareCommand except that the transaction originator makes evident the versions of entries touched and stored in a transaction context so that accurate write skew checks may be performed by the lock owner(s).

Package org.infinispan.commands.tx Description

Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions.

Manik Surtani


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