Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataWriteCommand
org.infinispan.commands.write Commands that alter the state of the cache. 

Uses of DataWriteCommand in org.infinispan.commands.write

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.write that implement DataWriteCommand
 class AbstractDataWriteCommand
          Stuff common to WriteCommands
 class ApplyDeltaCommand
 class EvictCommand
 class InvalidateCommand
          Removes an entry from memory.
 class InvalidateL1Command
          Invalidates an entry in a L1 cache (used with DIST mode)
 class PutKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.put(Object, Object)
 class RemoveCommand
 class ReplaceCommand
 class VersionedPutKeyValueCommand
          A form of PutKeyValueCommand that also applies a version to the entry created.


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