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org.infinispan.configuration.cache Classes related to eviction. 

Uses of AsyncConfigurationBuilder in org.infinispan.configuration.cache

Methods in org.infinispan.configuration.cache that return AsyncConfigurationBuilder
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder ClusteringConfigurationChildBuilder.async()
          If configured all communications are asynchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it does not wait for an acknowledgment before returning.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder ClusteringConfigurationBuilder.async()
          Configure async sub element.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.asyncMarshalling()
          Enable asynchronous marshalling.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder template)
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.replQueue(ReplicationQueue replicationQueue)
          The replication queue in use, by default ReplicationQueueImpl.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.replQueueInterval(long interval)
          If useReplQueue is set to true, this attribute controls how often the asynchronous thread used to flush the replication queue runs.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.replQueueMaxElements(int elements)
          If useReplQueue is set to true, this attribute can be used to trigger flushing of the queue when it reaches a specific threshold.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.syncMarshalling()
          Enables synchronous marshalling.
 AsyncConfigurationBuilder AsyncConfigurationBuilder.useReplQueue(boolean use)
          If true, forces all async communications to be queued up and sent out periodically as a batch.


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