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Packages that use ClusteringConfigurationChildBuilder
org.infinispan.configuration.cache Classes related to eviction. 

Uses of ClusteringConfigurationChildBuilder in org.infinispan.configuration.cache

Classes in org.infinispan.configuration.cache that implement ClusteringConfigurationChildBuilder
 class AsyncConfigurationBuilder
          If configured all communications are asynchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it does not wait for an acknowledgment before returning.
 class ClusteringConfigurationBuilder
          Defines clustered characteristics of the cache.
 class GroupsConfigurationBuilder
          Configuration for various grouper definitions.
 class HashConfigurationBuilder
          Allows fine-tuning of rehashing characteristics.
 class L1ConfigurationBuilder
          Configures the L1 cache behavior in 'distributed' caches instances.
 class StateTransferConfigurationBuilder
          Configures how state is transferred when a cache joins or leaves the cluster.
 class SyncConfigurationBuilder
          If configured all communications are synchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it blocks until it receives an acknowledgment from the recipient.


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