Package org.infinispan.container

Data containers which store cache entries.


Interface Summary
DataContainer The main internal data structure which stores entries
EntryFactory A factory for constructing MVCCEntry instances for use in the InvocationContext.
InternalEntryFactory A factory for InternalCacheEntry and InternalCacheValue instances.

Class Summary
DefaultDataContainer DefaultDataContainer is both eviction and non-eviction based data container.
EntryFactoryImpl EntryFactory implementation to be used for optimistic locking scheme.
IncrementalVersionableEntryFactoryImpl An entry factory that is capable of dealing with SimpleClusteredVersions.
InternalEntryFactoryImpl An implementation that generates non-versioned entries
VersionedInternalEntryFactoryImpl An implementation that generates versioned entries

Package org.infinispan.container Description

Data containers which store cache entries. This package contains different implementations of containers based on their performance and ordering characteristics, as well as the entries that live in the containers.

This package also contains the factory for creating entries, and is typically used by the LockingInterceptor to wrap an entry and put it in a thread's InvocationContext


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