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Packages that use AbstractInvocationContext
org.infinispan.context Contexts contain information of a specific invocation on the cache, such as its origins, scope (transactional or non-transactional), as well as invocation-specific flags. 
org.infinispan.context.impl This package contains different context implementations, selected dynamically based on the type of invocation. 

Uses of AbstractInvocationContext in org.infinispan.context

Subclasses of AbstractInvocationContext in org.infinispan.context
 class SingleKeyNonTxInvocationContext

Uses of AbstractInvocationContext in org.infinispan.context.impl

Subclasses of AbstractInvocationContext in org.infinispan.context.impl
 class AbstractTxInvocationContext
          Support class for TxInvocationContext.
 class LocalTxInvocationContext
          Invocation context to be used for locally originated transactions.
 class NonTxInvocationContext
          Context to be used for non transactional calls, both remote and local.
 class RemoteTxInvocationContext
          Context to be used for transaction that originated remotely.

Methods in org.infinispan.context.impl that return AbstractInvocationContext
 AbstractInvocationContext AbstractInvocationContext.clone()


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