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Packages that use Collator

Uses of Collator in org.infinispan.demo.mapreduce

Classes in org.infinispan.demo.mapreduce that implement Collator
 class WordCountCollator
          Collates reduced results by grouping them into the top K most frequent words.

Uses of Collator in org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce

Methods in org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce with parameters of type Collator
<R> R
MapReduceTask.execute(Collator<KOut,VOut,R> collator)
          Executes this task across Infinispan cluster but the final result is collated using specified Collator
<R> Future<R>
MapReduceTask.executeAsynchronously(Collator<KOut,VOut,R> collator)
          Executes this task asynchronously across Infinispan cluster; final result is collated using specified Collator and wrapped by Future


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