Uses of Interface

Packages that use Mapper
org.infinispan.commands Commands that operate on the cache, either locally or remotely. Commands that read data from the cache. 

Uses of Mapper in org.infinispan.commands

Methods in org.infinispan.commands with parameters of type Mapper
 MapReduceCommand CommandsFactoryImpl.buildMapReduceCommand(Mapper m, Reducer r, Address sender, Collection keys)
 MapReduceCommand CommandsFactory.buildMapReduceCommand(Mapper m, Reducer r, Address sender, Collection keys)
          Builds a MapReduceCommand used for migration and execution of MapReduce tasks.

Uses of Mapper in

Constructors in with parameters of type Mapper
MapReduceCommand(Mapper m, Reducer r, String cacheName, Collection<Object> inputKeys)
MapReduceCommand(Mapper m, Reducer r, String cacheName, Object... inputKeys)

Uses of Mapper in org.infinispan.demo.mapreduce

Classes in org.infinispan.demo.mapreduce that implement Mapper
 class WordCountMapper

Uses of Mapper in org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce

Methods in org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce that return Mapper
protected  Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> MapReduceTask.clone(Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> mapper)

Methods in org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce with parameters of type Mapper
protected  Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> MapReduceTask.clone(Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> mapper)
 MapReduceTask<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> MapReduceTask.mappedWith(Mapper<KIn,VIn,KOut,VOut> mapper)
          Specifies Mapper to use for this MapReduceTask


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