Interface Summary
ConsistentHash A consistent hash algorithm implementation.

Class Summary
AbstractConsistentHash An abstract consistent hash implementation that handles common implementations of certain methods.
AbstractWheelConsistentHash Abstract class for the wheel-based CH implementations.
AbstractWheelConsistentHash.Externalizer<T extends AbstractWheelConsistentHash>  
ConsistentHashHelper A helper class that handles the construction of consistent hash instances based on configuration.
ExperimentalDefaultConsistentHash Consistent hashing algorithm.
ExperimentalDefaultConsistentHash.Entry An entry into a consistent hash.
TopologyAwareConsistentHash Consistent hash that is aware of cluster topology.
UnionConsistentHash A delegating wrapper that locates keys by getting a union of locations reported by two other ConsistentHash implementations it delegates to.
VirtualAddress Virtual addresses are used internally by the consistent hashes in order to provide virtual nodes.


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