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org.infinispan.interceptors Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. 

Uses of BaseRpcInterceptor in org.infinispan.interceptors

Subclasses of BaseRpcInterceptor in org.infinispan.interceptors
 class DistributionInterceptor
          The interceptor that handles distribution of entries across a cluster, as well as transparent lookup
 class InvalidationInterceptor
          This interceptor acts as a replacement to the replication interceptor when the CacheImpl is configured with ClusteredSyncMode as INVALIDATE.
 class ReplicationInterceptor
          Takes care of replicating modifications to other caches in a cluster.
 class VersionedDistributionInterceptor
          A version of the DistributionInterceptor that adds logic to handling prepares when entries are versioned.
 class VersionedReplicationInterceptor
          A form of the ReplicationInterceptor that adds additional logic to how prepares are handled.


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