Package org.infinispan.interceptors.locking

Interface Summary
ClusteringDependentLogic Abstractization for logic related to different clustering modes: replicated or distributed.

Class Summary
AbstractLockingInterceptor Base class for various locking interceptors in this package.
AbstractTxLockingInterceptor Base class for transaction based locking interceptors.
ClusteringDependentLogic.AllNodesLogic This logic is used when a changing a key affects all the nodes in the cluster, e.g.
NonTransactionalLockingInterceptor Locking interceptor to be used for non-transactional caches.
OptimisticLockingInterceptor Locking interceptor to be used by optimistic transactional caches.
PessimisticLockingInterceptor Locking interceptor to be used by pessimistic caches.


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