Uses of Interface

Packages that use BasicCacheContainer
org.infinispan.manager Cache manager package 

Uses of BasicCacheContainer in org.infinispan.client.hotrod

Classes in org.infinispan.client.hotrod that implement BasicCacheContainer
 class RemoteCacheManager
          Factory for RemoteCaches.

Uses of BasicCacheContainer in org.infinispan.manager

Subinterfaces of BasicCacheContainer in org.infinispan.manager
 interface CacheContainer
 interface CacheManager
 interface EmbeddedCacheManager
          EmbeddedCacheManager is an CacheManager that runs in the same JVM as the client.

Classes in org.infinispan.manager that implement BasicCacheContainer
 class AbstractDelegatingEmbeddedCacheManager
          This is a convenient base class for implementing a cache manager delegate.
 class DefaultCacheManager
          A CacheManager is the primary mechanism for retrieving a Cache instance, and is often used as a starting point to using the Cache.


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