Uses of Class

Packages that use VersionAwareMarshaller
org.infinispan.factories Factories are internal components used to create other components based on a cache's configuration. 
org.infinispan.marshall Infinispan makes use of custom marshalling to serialize and deserialize state wherever possible, rather than falling back to the JDK to do this. 

Uses of VersionAwareMarshaller in org.infinispan.factories

Methods in org.infinispan.factories that return VersionAwareMarshaller
protected  VersionAwareMarshaller MarshallerFactory.createMarshaller()

Uses of VersionAwareMarshaller in org.infinispan.marshall

Constructors in org.infinispan.marshall with parameters of type VersionAwareMarshaller
CacheMarshaller(VersionAwareMarshaller marshaller)
GlobalMarshaller(VersionAwareMarshaller marshaller)


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