Package org.infinispan.marshall.jboss

Hooks to bridge Infinispan's marshalling APIs with JBoss Marshalling internals.


Interface Summary
RiverCloseListener RiverCloseListener is used by Infinispan's extension of River Marshaller and Unmarshaller so that pools can be notified of instances not being in use anymore.

Class Summary
AbstractJBossMarshaller Common parent for both embedded and standalone JBoss Marshalling-based marshallers.
DefaultContextClassResolver This class refines ContextClassLoader to add a default class loader in case the context class loader is null.
ExtendedRiverMarshaller RiverMarshaller extension that allows Infinispan code to directly create instances of it.
ExtendedRiverUnmarshaller An extended RiverUnmarshaller that allows Infinispan StreamingMarshaller instances to travel down the stack to potential externalizer implementations that might need it, such as MarshalledValue.Externalizer
ExternalizerTable The externalizer table maintains information necessary to be able to map a particular type with the corresponding AdvancedExternalizer implementation that it marshall, and it also keeps information of which AdvancedExternalizer should be used to read data from a buffer given a particular AdvancedExternalizer identifier.
GenericJBossMarshaller A marshaller that makes use of JBoss Marshalling to serialize and deserialize objects.
JBossMarshaller A JBoss Marshalling based marshaller that is oriented at internal, embedded, Infinispan usage.
JBossMarshaller.EmbeddedContextClassResolver An embedded context class resolver that is able to retrieve a class loader from the embedded Infinispan call context.
JBossMarshallerFactory A JBoss Marshalling factory class for retrieving marshaller/unmarshaller instances.
SerializeWithExtFactory JBoss Marshalling plugin class for ClassExternalizerFactory that allows for Infinispan annotations to be used instead of JBoss Marshalling ones in order to discover which classes are serializable with Infinispan externalizers.

Package org.infinispan.marshall.jboss Description

Hooks to bridge Infinispan's marshalling APIs with JBoss Marshalling internals.


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