Uses of Interface

Packages that use Listenable
org.infinispan This is the core of Infinispan, a distributed, transactional, highly scalable data grid platform. 
org.infinispan.cdi.event.cache This package contains the adapters making the bridge between Infinispan cache events and CDI. 
org.infinispan.cdi.event.cachemanager This package contains the adapters making the bridge between Infinispan cache manager events and CDI. 
org.infinispan.manager Cache manager package 
org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener Cache-specific notifications and eventing. 
org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener CacheManager-specific notifications and eventing. 

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan

Subinterfaces of Listenable in org.infinispan
 interface AdvancedCache<K,V>
          An advanced interface that exposes additional methods not available on Cache.
 interface Cache<K,V>
          The central interface of Infinispan.

Classes in org.infinispan that implement Listenable
 class AbstractDelegatingAdvancedCache<K,V>
          Similar to AbstractDelegatingCache, but for AdvancedCache.
 class AbstractDelegatingCache<K,V>
          This is a convenient base class for implementing a cache delegate.
 class CacheImpl<K,V>
 class ClassLoaderSpecfiedCache<K,V>
 class DecoratedCache<K,V>
          A decorator to a cache, which can be built with a specific ClassLoader and a set of Flags.

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan.cdi.event.cache

Methods in org.infinispan.cdi.event.cache with parameters of type Listenable
 void CacheEventBridge.registerObservers(Set<Annotation> qualifierSet, Listenable listenable)

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan.cdi.event.cachemanager

Methods in org.infinispan.cdi.event.cachemanager with parameters of type Listenable
 void CacheManagerEventBridge.registerObservers(Set<Annotation> qualifierSet, String cacheName, Listenable listenable)

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan.manager

Subinterfaces of Listenable in org.infinispan.manager
 interface CacheManager
 interface EmbeddedCacheManager
          EmbeddedCacheManager is an CacheManager that runs in the same JVM as the client.

Classes in org.infinispan.manager that implement Listenable
 class AbstractDelegatingEmbeddedCacheManager
          This is a convenient base class for implementing a cache manager delegate.
 class DefaultCacheManager
          A CacheManager is the primary mechanism for retrieving a Cache instance, and is often used as a starting point to using the Cache.

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener

Subinterfaces of Listenable in org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener
 interface CacheNotifier
          Public interface with all allowed notifications.

Classes in org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener that implement Listenable
 class CacheNotifierImpl
          Helper class that handles all notifications to registered listeners.

Uses of Listenable in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener

Subinterfaces of Listenable in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener
 interface CacheManagerNotifier
          Notifications for the cache manager

Classes in org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener that implement Listenable
 class CacheManagerNotifierImpl
          Global, shared notifications on the cache manager.


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