Package org.infinispan.query.clustered

Interface Summary
ClusteredDoc ClusteredDoc.

Class Summary
ClusteredCacheQueryImpl A extension of CacheQueryImpl used for distributed queries.
ClusteredFieldDoc ClusteredFIeldDoc.
ClusteredQueryCommand Encapsulates all rpc calls for distributed queries actions
ClusteredQueryInvoker Invoke a CusteredQueryCommand on the cluster, including on own node.
ClusteredScoreDoc ClusteredScoreDoc.
ClusteredTopDocs ClusteredTopDocs.
DistributedIterator DistributedIterator.
DistributedLazyIterator DistributedLazyIterator.
ISPNEagerTopDocs ISPNEagerTopDocs.
QueryBox Each node in the cluster has a QueryBox instance.
QueryResponse QueryResponse.

Enum Summary
ClusteredQueryCommandType Types of ClusteredQueryCommandWorker.


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