Package org.infinispan.query

Interface Summary
CacheQuery A cache-query is what will be returned when the getQuery() method is run on SearchManagerImpl.
ModuleCommandIds The Query module is using custom RPC commands; to make sure the used command ids are unique all numbers are defined here, and should stay in the range 100-119 which is the reserved range for this module.
QueryIterator Iterates over query results

SearchManager The SearchManager is the entry point to create full text queries on top of a cache.
Transformer The task of this interface is to convert keys from their original types to a String representation (which can be used in Lucene) and vice versa.

Class Summary
CommandFactory Remote commands factory implementation
CommandInitializer Initializes query module remote commands
DefaultTransformer Warning, slow as a dog, uses serialization to get a byte representation of a class.
Search Helper class to get a SearchManager out of an indexing enabled cache.

Annotation Types Summary
Transformable If you annotate your object with this, it can be used as a valid key for Infinispan to index.


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