Package org.infinispan.statetransfer

Transfer of state to new caches in a cluster.


Interface Summary
StateTransferLock Typically adding a command, the following pattern would be used:

if (stateTransferLock.acquireForCommand()) { try { // execute this command! } finally { stateTransferLock.releaseForCommand(cmd); } }

StateTransferManager A component that manages the state transfer when the topology of the cluster changes.

Class Summary
BaseStateTransferManagerImpl State transfer manager.
BaseStateTransferTask Push state from the existing members of the cluster to the new members.
DistributedStateTransferManagerImpl The distributed mode implementation of StateTransferManager
DistributedStateTransferTask Task which handles view changes (joins, merges or leaves) and rebalances keys using a push based approach.
DummyInvalidationStateTransferManagerImpl Deprecated. This is just a temporary hack, do not rely on it to exist in future versions
LockInfo Utility class used for lock transfer during topology changes.
ReplicatedStateTransferManagerImpl The replicated mode implementation of StateTransferManager
ReplicatedStateTransferTask Task which pushes keys to new nodes during join.
StateTransferLockImpl This class implements a specialized lock that allows the state transfer process (which is not a single thread) to block new write commands for the duration of the state transfer.

Exception Summary
StateTransferCancelledException Thrown when a state transfer is interrupted because there is another state transfer pending.
StateTransferException An exception to denote problems in transferring state between cache instances in a cluster
StateTransferInProgressException This exception is thrown when an operation cannot complete because a state transfer is in progress.
StateTransferLockReacquisitionException Internal exception, thrown when StateTransferLock.waitForStateTransferToEnd fails to re-acquire the state transfer lock after state transfer (most likely because the timeout expired).

Package org.infinispan.statetransfer Description

Transfer of state to new caches in a cluster.


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