Package org.infinispan.transaction

JTA transaction support.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractCacheTransaction Base class for local and remote transaction.
AbstractEnlistmentAdapter Base class for both Sync and XAResource enlistment adapters.
LocalTransaction Object that holds transaction's state on the node where it originated; as opposed to RemoteTransaction.
RemoteTransaction Defines the state of a remotely originated transaction.
StaleTransactionCleanupService Class responsible of cleaning transactions from the transaction table when nodes leave the cluster.
TransactionCoordinator Coordinates transaction prepare/commits as received from the TransactionManager.
TransactionTable Repository for RemoteTransaction and TransactionXaAdapters (locally originated transactions).
WriteSkewHelper Encapsulates write skew logic in maintaining version maps, etc.

Enum Summary
LockingMode Defines the locking modes that are available for transactional caches: optimistic or pessimistic.
TransactionMode Enumeration containing the available transaction modes for a cache.

Exception Summary
WriteSkewException Thrown when a write skew is detected

Package org.infinispan.transaction Description

JTA transaction support.


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