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Packages that use NodeNotExistsException
org.infinispan.tree This package contains the TreeCache. 

Uses of NodeNotExistsException in org.infinispan.tree

Methods in org.infinispan.tree that throw NodeNotExistsException
 void TreeCacheImpl.move(Fqn nodeToMoveFqn, Fqn newParentFqn)
 void TreeCache.move(Fqn nodeToMove, Fqn newParent)
          Moves a part of the cache to a different subtree.
 void TreeCacheImpl.move(Fqn nodeToMoveFqn, Fqn newParentFqn, Flag... flags)
 void TreeCache.move(Fqn nodeToMove, Fqn newParent, Flag... flags)
 void TreeCacheImpl.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent)
 void TreeCache.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent)
          Convenience method that takes in string representations of Fqns.
 void TreeCacheImpl.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent, Flag... flags)
 void TreeCache.move(String nodeToMove, String newParent, Flag... flags)


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