Package org.infinispan.util.concurrent

Thread-safe containers and other concurrency-related utilities, designed to supplement JDK concurrency utilities and containers.


Interface Summary
FutureListener<T> A listener that is called back when a future is done.
NotifyingFuture<T> A sub-interface of a Future, that allows for listeners to be attached so that observers can be notified of when the future completes.
NotifyingNotifiableFuture<T> An internal interface which adds the ability to inform the future of completion.

Class Summary
AbstractInProcessFuture<V> An abstract Future that has "completed"
AbstractInProcessNotifyingFuture<V> An abstract NotifyingFuture that has "completed"
AggregatingNotifyingFutureBuilder An aggregating NotifyingNotifiableFuture implementation that allows a dynamic number of futures to be attached.
AggregatingNotifyingFutureImpl For use with > 1 underlying network future
BoundedConcurrentHashMap<K,V> A hash table supporting full concurrency of retrievals and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.
BoundedExecutors Similar to JDK Executors except that the factory methods here allow you to specify the size of the blocking queue that backs the executor.
ConcurrentHashSet<E> A simple Set implementation backed by a ConcurrentHashMap to deal with the fact that the JDK does not have a proper concurrent Set implementation that uses efficient lock striping.
ConcurrentMapFactory A factory for ConcurrentMaps.
ConcurrentWeakKeyHashMap<K,V> An alternative weak-key ConcurrentMap which is similar to ConcurrentHashMap.
DeferredReturnFuture<V> This is a notifying and notifiable future whose return value is not known at construction time.
NoOpFuture<E> A future that doesn't do anything and simply returns a given return value.
NotifyingFutureImpl Constructs an instance of a NotifyingFuture.
ReclosableLatch A thread gat, that uses an AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.
SynchronizedRestarter A class that handles restarts of components via multiple threads.
WithinThreadExecutor An executor that works within the current thread.

Enum Summary
IsolationLevel Various transaction isolation levels as an enumerated class.

Exception Summary
TimeoutException Thrown when a timeout occurred.

Package org.infinispan.util.concurrent Description

Thread-safe containers and other concurrency-related utilities, designed to supplement JDK concurrency utilities and containers.


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