namespace urn:infinispan:config:5.1

Element Summary
infinispan Defines the configuration for Infinispan, for the cache manager configuration, for the default cache, and for named caches. This element specifies whether global statistics are gathered and reported via JMX for all caches under this cache manager. Configures serialization and marshalling settings. Configures custom marshallers. AdvancedExternalizer provides an alternative way to provide externalizers for marshalling/unmarshalling user defined classes that overcome the deficiencies of the more user-friendly externalizer definition model explained in Externalizer. This element specifies behavior when the JVM running the cache instance shuts down. This element configures the transport used for network communications across the cluster.  


Complex Type Summary
configuration.clustering Defines clustered characteristics of the cache.  
configuration.clustering.asyncIf configured all communications are asynchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it does not wait for an acknowledgment before returning. 
configuration.clustering.hashAllows fine-tuning of rehashing characteristics. 
configuration.clustering.l1Configures the L1 cache behavior in 'distributed' caches instances. 
configuration.clustering.stateRetrievalConfigures how state is retrieved when a new cache joins the cluster. 
configuration.clustering.stateTransferConfigures how state is transferred when a cache joins or leaves the cluster. 
configuration.clustering.syncIf configured all communications are synchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it blocks until it receives an acknowledgment from the recipient. 
configuration.customInterceptors Configures custom interceptors to be added to the cache.  
configuration.dataContainer Controls the data container for the cache.  
configuration.deadlockDetection Configures deadlock detection.  
configuration.eviction Controls the eviction settings for the cache.  
configuration.expiration Controls the default expiration settings for entries in the cache.  
configuration.indexing Configures indexing of entries in the cache for searching.  
configuration.jmxStatistics Determines whether statistics are gather and reported.  
configuration.lazyDeserializationDeprecated configuration element. 
configuration.loaders Configuration for cache loaders and stores.  
configuration.loaders.loader Configuration a specific cache loader or cache store  
configuration.loaders.loader.asyncConfiguration for the async cache loader. 
configuration.loaders.loader.singletonStoreSingletonStore is a delegating cache store used for situations when only one instance in a cluster should interact with the underlying store. 
configuration.locking Defines the local, in-VM locking and concurrency characteristics of the cache.  
configuration.storeAsBinaryControls whether when stored in memory, keys and values are stored as references to their original objects, or in a serialized, binary format. 
configuration.transaction Defines transactional (JTA) characteristics of the cache.  
configuration.transaction.recovery Defines recovery configuration for the cache.  
configuration.unsafeControls certain tuning parameters that may break some of Infinispan's public API contracts in exchange for better performance in some cases. 


Simple Type Summary
lockingMode Defines the locking modes that are available for transactional caches: optimistic or pessimistic - see for more.  
transactionMode Enumeration containing the available transaction modes for a cache.  

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