Class NonTxDistributionInterceptor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Visitor, AsyncInterceptor

    public class NonTxDistributionInterceptor
    extends BaseDistributionInterceptor
    Non-transactional interceptor used by distributed caches that support concurrent writes. It is implemented based on lock forwarding. E.g. - 'k' is written on node A, owners(k)={B,C} - A forwards the given command to B - B acquires a lock on 'k' then it forwards it to the remaining owners: C - C applies the change and returns to B (no lock acquisition is needed) - B applies the result as well, releases the lock and returns the result of the operation to A.

    Note that even though this introduces an additional RPC (the forwarding), it behaves very well in conjunction with consistent-hash aware hotrod clients which connect directly to the lock owner.

    Mircea Markus, Dan Berindei