Class IckleContinuousQueryCacheEventFilterConverter<K,​V,​C>

    • Field Detail

      • queryString

        protected final String queryString
        The Ickle query to execute.
      • matcherImplClass

        protected Class<? extends Matcher> matcherImplClass
        The implementation class of the Matcher component to lookup and use.
      • queryCache

        protected QueryCache queryCache
        Optional cache for query objects.
      • matcher

        protected Matcher matcher
        The Matcher, acquired via dependency injection.
      • objectFilter

        protected ObjectFilter objectFilter
        The ObjectFilter is created lazily.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IckleContinuousQueryCacheEventFilterConverter

        public IckleContinuousQueryCacheEventFilterConverter​(String queryString,
                                                             Map<String,​Object> namedParameters,
                                                             Class<? extends Matcher> matcherImplClass)
    • Method Detail

      • getMatcher

        public Matcher getMatcher()
      • getQueryString

        public String getQueryString()
      • injectDependencies

        protected void injectDependencies​(Cache cache)
        Acquires a Matcher instance from the ComponentRegistry of the given Cache object.
      • getObjectFilter

        protected ObjectFilter getObjectFilter()
      • filterAndConvert

        public C filterAndConvert​(K key,
                                  V oldValue,
                                  Metadata oldMetadata,
                                  V newValue,
                                  Metadata newMetadata,
                                  EventType eventType)
        Description copied from interface: CacheEventFilterConverter
        Will both filter the entry and if passed subsequently convert the value to a new value. A returned value of null will symbolize the value not passing the filter, so ensure your conversion will not return null if you want this entry to be returned.
        Specified by:
        filterAndConvert in interface CacheEventFilterConverter<K,​V,​C>
        key - The key for the entry that was changed for the event
        oldValue - The previous value before the event takes place
        oldMetadata - The old value before the event takes place
        newValue - The new value for the entry after the event takes place
        newMetadata - The new metadata for the entry after the event takes place
        eventType - The type of event that is being raised
        A non null value converted value when it also passes the filter or null for when it doesn't pass the filter