Class AbstractCacheStream<Original,​T,​S extends BaseStream<T,​S>,​S2 extends S>

    • Field Detail

      • intermediateOperations

        protected final Queue<> intermediateOperations
      • localAddress

        protected final Address localAddress
      • executor

        protected final Executor executor
      • includeLoader

        protected final boolean includeLoader
      • closeRunnable

        protected Runnable closeRunnable
      • parallelDistribution

        protected Boolean parallelDistribution
      • parallel

        protected boolean parallel
      • rehashAware

        protected boolean rehashAware
      • keysToFilter

        protected Set<?> keysToFilter
      • segmentsToFilter

        protected org.infinispan.commons.util.IntSet segmentsToFilter
      • distributedBatchSize

        protected int distributedBatchSize
      • iteratorOperation

        protected iteratorOperation
      • timeout

        protected long timeout
      • timeoutUnit

        protected TimeUnit timeoutUnit
    • Method Detail

      • getLog

        protected abstract Log getLog()
      • addIntermediateOperation

        protected S2 addIntermediateOperation​(<T,​S,​T,​S> intermediateOperation)
      • addIntermediateOperationMap

        protected void addIntermediateOperationMap​(<T,​S,​?,​?> intermediateOperation)
      • addIntermediateOperation

        protected void addIntermediateOperation​(Queue<> intermediateOperations,
                                      <T,​S,​?,​?> intermediateOperation)
      • unwrap

        protected abstract S2 unwrap()
      • nonNullKeyFunction

        protected Function<? super Original,​?> nonNullKeyFunction()
      • supplierForSegments

        protected Supplier<Stream<Original>> supplierForSegments​(ConsistentHash ch,
                                                                 org.infinispan.commons.util.IntSet targetSegments,
                                                                 Set<Object> excludedKeys,
                                                                 boolean usePrimary)
        If usePrimary is true the segments are the primary segments but only those that exist in targetSegments. However if usePrimary is false then targetSegments must be provided and non null and this will be used specifically.
        ch -
        targetSegments -
        excludedKeys -
        usePrimary - determines whether we should utilize the primary segments or not.