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Chapter 6. Common Tasks

Next we will give an overview of some common tasks you can do with the Administration Console. Each task will be used to highlight a particular function within the console.

For a detailed list of all the supported resources and the functions the Administration Console can perform on them please see the accompanying resource specific documentation.

Application Deployment

All applications running in the JBoss Application Server instance are listed in the summary view under : <machine> : JBossAS Servers : JBoss AS 6 (all) : Applications in the navigation. Applications can also be further organized by their types to simplify the view:


The Embedded application types were deployed as part of an Enterprise Archive. They are listed separately for easier management and each embedded archive shows the relationship to its' parent. Embedded applications are managed via their parent. In other words, they cannot be deleted or updated and control operations do not apply to them. The management of these applications is done through the operations on the parent.

To deploy an application, navigate to the Application type you want to add. In this example, we will use an Enterprise Application. Clicking on the link Enterprise Applications (EAR)s will bring you to the Enterprise Application (EAR) Summary Tab.

Clicking on:

brings you to Add New Enterprise Application (EAR) page. Click the BROWSE button and select the EAR file to be deployed. Select whether to deploy the app exploded or to the farm directory. Click CONTINUE to proceed with the application deployment. The status of the deployment will be shown and if successful, added to the list of applications ready to be managed. Otherwise, the reason for the failed deployment will be shown.

You can follow this same procedure for other application types that you want to add.