JBoss AS7 Deployment Plugin 7.9.Final

Constant Field Values


public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_NO_CREDS "No username and password in settings.xml file - falling back to CLI entry"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_NO_ID "No <id> element was found in the POM - Getting credentials from CLI entry"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_NO_SERVER_SECTION "No <server> section was found for the specified id"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_NO_SETTINGS_FILE "No settings.xml file was found in this Mojo\'s execution context"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_POM_HAS_CREDS "Getting credentials from the POM"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_SETTINGS_HAS_CREDS "Found username and password in the settings.xml file"
public static final String DEBUG_MESSAGE_SETTINGS_HAS_ID "Found the server\'s id in the settings.xml file"

public static final String ADD_RESOURCE_FORCE "add-resource.force"
public static final String BUNDLES_PATH "jboss-as.bundlesPath"
public static final String CHECK_PACKAGING "jboss-as.checkPackaging"
public static final String DEPLOY_ENABLED "deploy.enabled"
public static final String DEPLOY_FORCE "deploy.force"
public static final String DEPLOYMENT_FILENAME "jboss-as.deployment.filename"
public static final String DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_DIR "jboss-as.deployment.targetDir"
public static final String ENABLE_RESOURCE "add-resource.enableResource"
public static final String HOSTNAME "jboss-as.hostname"
public static final String ID "jboss-as.id"
public static final String IGNORE_MISSING_DEPLOYMENT "undeploy.ignoreMissingDeployment"
public static final String JAVA_HOME "java.home"
public static final String JBOSS_ARTIFACT "jboss-as.artifact"
public static final String JBOSS_ARTIFACT_ID "jboss-as.artifactId"
public static final String JBOSS_CLASSIFIER "jboss-as.classifier"
public static final String JBOSS_GROUP_ID "jboss-as.groupId"
public static final String JBOSS_HOME "jboss-as.home"
public static final String JBOSS_PACKAGING "jboss-as.packaging"
public static final String JBOSS_VERSION "jboss-as.version"
public static final String JVM_ARGS "jboss-as.jvmArgs"
public static final String MODULES_PATH "jboss-as.modulesPath"
public static final String PASSWORD "jboss-as.password"
public static final String PORT "jboss-as.port"
public static final String PROPERTIES_FILE "jboss-as.propertiesFile"
public static final String RELOAD "jboss-as.reload"
public static final String RELOAD_TIMEOUT "jboss-as.reload.timeout"
public static final String SERVER_ARGS "jboss-as.serverArgs"
public static final String SERVER_CONFIG "jboss-as.serverConfig"
public static final String SKIP "jboss-as.skip"
public static final String STARTUP_TIMEOUT "jboss-as.startupTimeout"
public static final String TIMEOUT "jboss-as.timeout"
public static final String USERNAME "jboss-as.username"

public static final String ENABLE "enable"
public static final String LAUNCH_TYPE "launch-type"
public static final String PROFILE "profile"
public static final String READ_CHILDREN_NAMES "read-children-names"
public static final String READ_RESOURCE "read-resource"
public static final String RELOAD "reload"
public static final String SERVER_STATE "server-state"
public static final String SHUTDOWN "shutdown"

public static final String GOAL "add-resource"

public static final String JBOSS_DIR "jboss-as-run"

public static final String JBOSS_DIR "jboss-as-run"

JBoss AS7 Deployment Plugin 7.9.Final

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