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Chapter 13. Use Alternative Databases with JBoss AS

13.1. How to Use Alternative Databases
13.2. Install JDBC Drivers
13.2.1. Special notes on Sybase
13.2.2. Configuring JDBC DataSources
13.3. Creating a DataSource for the External Database
13.4. Common configuration for DataSources and ConnectionFactorys
13.4.1. General
13.4.2. XA
13.4.3. Security parameters
13.5. Change Database for the JMS Services
13.6. Support Foreign Keys in CMP Services
13.7. Specify Database Dialect for Java Persistence API
13.8. Change Other JBoss AS Services to Use the External Database
13.8.1. The Easy Way
13.8.2. The More Flexible Way
13.9. A Special Note About Oracle DataBases
13.10. DataSource configuration
13.11. Parameters specific for java.sql.Driver usage
13.12. Parameters specific for javax.sql.XADataSource usage
13.13. Common DataSource parameters
13.14. Generic Datasource Sample
13.15. Configuring a DataSource for remote usage
13.16. Configuring a DataSource to use login modules