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The TCPGOSSIP protocol only works with a GossipRouter. It works essentially the same way as the PING protocol configuration with valid gossip_host and gossip_port attributes. It works on top of both UDP and TCP transport protocols. Here is an example.

<TCPGOSSIP timeout="2000"
  down_thread="false" up_thread="false"/>

The available attributes in the TCPGOSSIP element are listed below.

  • timeout specifies the maximum number of milliseconds to wait for any responses. The default is 3000.

  • num_initial_members specifies the maximum number of responses to wait for unless timeout has expired. The default is 2.

  • initial_hosts is a comma-seperated list of addresses (e.g., host1[12345],host2[23456]) for GossipRouters to register with.