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22.4.3. TCPPING

The TCPPING protocol takes a set of known members and ping them for discovery. This is essentially a static configuration. It works on top of TCP. Here is an example of the TCPPING configuration element in the JGroups Config element.

<TCPPING timeout="2000"
         down_thread="false" up_thread="false"/>

The available attributes in the TCPPING element are listed below.

  • timeout specifies the maximum number of milliseconds to wait for any responses. The default is 3000.

  • num_initial_members specifies the maximum number of responses to wait for unless timeout has expired. The default is 2.

  • initial_hosts is a comma-seperated list of addresses (e.g., host1[12345],host2[23456]) for pinging.

  • port_range specifies the number of consecutive ports to be probed when getting the initial membership, starting with the port specified in the initial_hosts parameter. Given the current values of port_range and initial_hosts above, the TCPPING layer will try to connect to hosta:2300, hosta:2301, hosta:2302, hostb:3400, hostb:3401, hostb:3402, hostc:4500, hostc:4501, hostc:4502. The configuration options allows for multiple nodes on the same host to be pinged.