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Chapter 2. Clustered JNDI Services

2.1. How it works
2.2. Client configuration
2.2.1. For clients running inside the application server
2.2.2. For clients running outside the application server
2.2.3. JBoss configuration

JNDI is one of the most important services provided by the application server. The JBoss HA-JNDI (High Availability JNDI) service brings the following features to JNDI:

JNDI is a key component for many other interceptor-based clustering services: those services register themselves with the JNDI so that the client can lookup their proxies and make use of their services. HA-JNDI completes the picture by ensuring that clients have a highly-available means to look up those proxies. However, it is important to understand that using HA-JNDI (or not) has no effect whatsoever on the clustering behavior of the objects that are looked up. To illustrate: