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Chapter 4. Installation With Binary Download

4.1. Download and Installation

You can download the Binary zip files from http://labs.jboss.com/jbossas/downloads/.

There are two binary distributions available:

In this form of installation, simply unzip the downloaded zip file to the directory of your choice on any operating system that supports the zip format.

  • Unzip jboss-<release>.zip to extract the archive contents into the location of your choice. You can do this using the JDK jar tool (or any other ZIP extraction tool). In the example below we are assuming you downloaded the zip file to the /jboss directory.

                                [usr]$ cd /jboss
                                [usr]$ jar -xvf jboss-<release>.zip

  • You should now have a directory called jboss-<release>. Next you need to set your JBOSS_HOME environment variables. This is discussed in Chapter 6, Setting the JBOSS_HOME variable.