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10.10.  Exposing MBean Events via SNMP

JBoss has an SNMP adaptor service that can be used to intercept JMX notifications emitted by MBeans, convert them to traps and send them to SNMP managers. In this respect the snmp-adaptor acts as a SNMP agent. Future versions may offer support for full agent get/set functionality that maps onto MBean attributes or operations.

This service can be used to integrate JBoss with higher order system/network management platforms (HP OpenView, for example), making the MBeans visible to those systems. The MBean developer can instrument the MBeans by producing notifications for any significant event (e.g. server coldstart), and adaptor can then be configured to intercept the notification and map it onto an SNMP traps. The adaptor uses the JoeSNMP package from OpenNMS as the SNMP engine.

The SNMP service is configured in snmp-adaptor.sar. This service is only available in the all configuration, so you'll need to copy it to your configuration if you want to use it. Inside the snmp-adaptor.sar directory, there are two configuration files that control the SNMP service.

The SNMPAgentService MBean is configured in snmp-adaptor.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml. The configurable parameters are:

The schema for the SNMP managers file

Figure 10.2. The schema for the SNMP managers file

The schema for the notification to trap mapping file

Figure 10.3. The schema for the notification to trap mapping file

TrapdService is a simple MBean that acts as an SNMP Manager. It listens to a configurable port for incoming traps and logs them as DEBUG messages using the system logger. You can modify the log4j configuration to redirect the log output to a file. SnmpAgentService and TrapdService are not dependent on each other.