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5.2.4. CachedConnectionManager MBean

The org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.CachedConnectionManager MBean manages associations between meta-aware objects (those accessed through interceptor chains) and connection handles, as well as between user transactions and connection handles. Normally there should only be one such MBean, and this is configured in the core jboss-service.xml descriptor. It is used by CachedConnectionInterceptor, JTA UserTransaction implementation and all BaseConnectionManager2 instances. The configurable attributes of the CachedConnectionManager MBean are:

  • SpecCompliant : Enable this boolean attribute for spec compliant non-shareable connections reconnect processing. This allows a connection to be opened in one call and used in another. Note that specifying this behavior disables connection close processing.

  • Debug : Enable this boolean property for connection close processing. At the completion of an EJB method invocation, unclosed connections are registered with a transaction synchronization. If the transaction ends without the connection being closed, an error is reported and JBoss closes the connection. This is a development feature that should be turned off in production for optimal performance.

  • TransactionManagerServiceName : This attribute specifies the JMX ObjectName of the JTA transaction manager service. Connection close processing is now synchronized with the transaction manager and this attribute specifies the transaction manager to use.