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5.2.3. JBossManagedConnectionPool MBean

The org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.JBossManagedConnectionPool MBean is a connection pooling MBean. It is typically used as the embedded MBean value of the BaseConnectionManager2 ManagedConnectionPool attribute. When you setup a connection manager MBean you typically embed the pool configuration in the connection manager descriptor. The configurable attributes of the JBossManagedConnectionPool are:

  • ManagedConnectionFactoryName : This specifies the ObjectName of the MBean that creates javax.resource.spi.ManagedConnectionFactory instances. Normally this is configured as an embedded MBean in a depends element rather than a separate MBean reference using the RARDeployment MBean. The MBean must provide an appropriate startManagedConnectionFactory operation.

  • MinSize : This attribute indicates the minimum number of connections this pool should hold. These are not created until a Subject is known from a request for a connection. MinSize connections will be created for each sub-pool.

  • MaxSize : This attribute indicates the maximum number of connections for a pool. No more than MaxSize connections will be created in each sub-pool.

  • BlockingTimeoutMillis : This attribute indicates the maximum time to block while waiting for a connection before throwing an exception. Note that this blocks only while waiting for a permit for a connection, and will never throw an exception if creating a new connection takes an inordinately long time.

  • IdleTimeoutMinutes : This attribute indicates the maximum time a connection may be idle before being closed. The actual maximum time depends also on the idle remover thread scan time, which is 1/2 the smallest idle timeout of any pool.

  • NoTxSeparatePools : Setting this to true doubles the available pools. One pool is for connections used outside a transaction the other inside a transaction. The actual pools are lazily constructed on first use. This is only relevant when setting the pool parameters associated with the LocalTxConnectionManager and XATxConnectionManager. Its use case is for Oracle (and possibly other vendors) XA implementations that don't like using an XA connection with and without a JTA transaction.

  • Criteria : This attribute indicates if the JAAS javax.security.auth.Subject from security domain associated with the connection, or app supplied parameters (such as from getConnection(user, pw)) are used to distinguish connections in the pool. The allowed values are:

    • ByContainer : use Subject

    • ByApplication : use application supplied parameters only

    • ByContainerAndApplication : use both

    • ByNothing : all connections are equivalent, usually if adapter supports reauthentication