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5.2.2. RARDeployment MBean

The org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.RARDeployment MBean manages configuration and instantiation ManagedConnectionFactory instance. It does this using the resource adaptor metadata settings from the RAR META-INF/ra.xml descriptor along with the RARDeployment attributes. The configurable attributes are:

  • OldRarDeployment : This is the ObjectName of the org.jboss.resource.RarDeployment MBean that contains the resource adaptor metadata. The form of this name is jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name=<ra-display-name> where the <ra-display-name> is the ra.xml descriptor display-name attribute value. The RARDeployer creates this when it deploys a RAR file. This attribute will likely be removed in the future.

  • ManagedConnectionFactoryProperties : This is a collection of (name, type, value) triples that define attributes of the ManagedConnectionFactory instance. Therefore, the names of the attributes depend on the resource adaptor ManagedConnectionFactory instance. The following example shows the structure of the content of this attribute.


    AttrXName is the Xth attribute name, AttrXType is the fully qualified Java type of the attribute, and AttrXValue is the string representation of the value. The conversion from string to AttrXType is done using the java.beans.PropertyEditor class for the AttrXType.

  • JndiName : This is the JNDI name under which the resource adaptor will be made available. Clients of the resource adaptor use this name to obtain either the javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory or resource adaptor specific connection factory. The full JNDI name will be java:/<JndiName> meaning that the JndiName attribute value will be prefixed with java:/. This prevents use of the connection factory outside of the JBoss server VM. In the future this restriction may be configurable.