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3.2.3. JBoss XMBeans

XMBeans are the JBoss JMX implementation version of the JMX model MBean. XMBeans have the richness of the dynamic MBean metadata without the tedious programming required by a direct implementation of the DynamicMBean interface. The JBoss model MBean implementation allows one to specify the management interface of a component through a XML descriptor, hence the X in XMBean. In addition to providing a simple mechanism for describing the metadata required for a dynamic MBean, XMBeans also allow for the specification of attribute persistence, caching behavior, and even advanced customizations like the MBean implementation interceptors. The high level elements of the jboss_xmbean_1_2.dtd for the XMBean descriptor is given in Figure 3.6, “The JBoss 1.0 XMBean DTD Overview (jboss_xmbean_1_2.dtd)”.

The JBoss 1.0 XMBean DTD Overview (jboss_xmbean_1_2.dtd)

Figure 3.6. The JBoss 1.0 XMBean DTD Overview (jboss_xmbean_1_2.dtd)

The mbean element is the root element of the document containing the required elements for describing the management interface of one MBean (constructors, attributes, operations and notifications). It also includes an optional description element, which can be used to describe the purpose of the MBean, as well as an optional descriptors element which allows for persistence policy specification, attribute caching, etc.