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12.1. Example Code

This chapter is example-driven. We will work with the crime portal application which stores information about imaginary criminal organizations. The data model we will be working with is shown in Figure 12.1, “The crime portal example classes”.

The crime portal example classes

Figure 12.1. The crime portal example classes

The source code for the crime portal is available in the src/main/org/jboss/cmp2 directory of the example code. To build the example code, run Ant as shown below. This command builds and deploys the application to the JBoss server. Be sure the JBoss server dist locations are correctly defined or overridden using a local ant.properties file.

[examples]$ ant -Dchap=cmp2 config

When you start your JBoss server, or if it is already running, you should see the following deployment messages:

15:46:36,704 INFO  [OrganizationBean$Proxy] Creating organization Yakuza, Japanese Gangsters
15:46:36,790 INFO  [OrganizationBean$Proxy] Creating organization Mafia, Italian Bad Guys
15:46:36,797 INFO  [OrganizationBean$Proxy] Creating organization Triads, Kung Fu Movie Extras
15:46:36,877 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 0 'Bodyguard' Yojimbo
15:46:37,003 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 1 'Master' Takeshi
15:46:37,021 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 2 'Four finger' Yuriko
15:46:37,040 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 3 'Killer' Chow
15:46:37,106 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 4 'Lightning' Shogi
15:46:37,118 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 5 'Pizza-Face' Valentino
15:46:37,133 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 6 'Toohless' Toni
15:46:37,208 INFO  [GangsterBean$Proxy] Creating Gangster 7 'Godfather' Corleone
15:46:37,238 INFO  [JobBean$Proxy] Creating Job 10th Street Jeweler Heist
15:46:37,247 INFO  [JobBean$Proxy] Creating Job The Greate Train Robbery
15:46:37,257 INFO  [JobBean$Proxy] Creating Job Cheap Liquor Snatch and Grab

Since the beans in the examples are configured to have their tables removed on undeployment, anytime you restart the JBoss server you need to rerun the config target to reload the example data and re-deploy the application.