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12.2. The jbosscmp-jdbc Structure

The jbosscmp-jdbc.xml descriptor is used to control the behavior of the JBoss engine. This can be done globally through the conf/standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml descriptor found in the server configuration file set, or per EJB JAR deployment via a META-INF/jbosscmp-jdbc.xml descriptor.

The DTD for the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml descriptor can be found in JBOSS_DIST/docs/dtd/jbosscmp-jdbc_4_0.dtd. The public doctype for this DTD is:

 <!DOCTYPE jbosscmp-jdbc PUBLIC
      "-//JBoss//DTD JBOSSCMP-JDBC 4.0//EN"

The top level elements are shown in Figure 12.2, “The jbosscmp-jdbc content model.”.

The jbosscmp-jdbc content model.

Figure 12.2. The jbosscmp-jdbc content model.