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3.4.2. JBoss MBean Services

As we have seen, JBoss relies on JMX to load in the MBean services that make up a given server instance's personality. All of the bundled functionality provided with the standard JBoss distribution is based on MBeans. The best way to add services to the JBoss server is to write your own JMX MBeans.

There are two classes of MBeans: those that are independent of JBoss services, and those that are dependent on JBoss services. MBeans that are independent of JBoss services are the trivial case. They can be written per the JMX specification and added to a JBoss server by adding an mbean tag to the deploy/user-service.xml file. Writing an MBean that relies on a JBoss service such as naming requires you to follow the JBoss service pattern. The JBoss MBean service pattern consists of a set of life cycle operations that provide state change notifications. The notifications inform an MBean service when it can create, start, stop, and destroy itself. The management of the MBean service life cycle is the responsibility of three JBoss MBeans: SARDeployer, ServiceConfigurator and ServiceController.