Package org.jboss.naming

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Interface Summary
ExternalContextMBean MBean interface.
JNDIViewMBean MBean interface.
NamingAliasMBean MBean interface.
NamingServiceMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
BridgeNamingContextFactory A naming provider InitialContextFactory implementation that combines two Naming services to allow for delegation of lookups from one to the other.
ENCFactory Implementation of "java:comp" namespace factory.
ENCThreadLocalKey Return a LinkRef based on a ThreadLocal key.
ExternalContext A MBean that binds an arbitrary InitialContext into the JBoss default InitialContext as a Reference.
ExternalContext.SerializableInitialContext The external InitialContext information class.
HttpNamingContextFactory A naming provider InitialContextFactory implementation that obtains a Naming proxy from an HTTP URL.
JNDIView A simple utlity mbean that allows one to recursively list the default JBoss InitialContext.
NamingAlias A simple utility mbean that allows one to create an alias in the form of a LinkRef from one JNDI name to another.
NamingContextFactory A variation of the org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory InitialContextFactory implementation that maintains the last envrionment used to create an InitialContext in a thread local variable for access within the scope of the InitialContext.
NamingService A JBoss service that starts the jnp JNDI server.
NonSerializableFactory A utility class that allows one to bind a non-serializable object into a local JNDI context.
Util A static utility class for common JNDI operations.

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